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Camp Sacramento

"At any time throughout the day I could look around the room and see a smile on someone's face, a tear running down their cheek, and the wheels turning in their head. Every moment, you could look to your left and look to your right and know that you were sitting next to a fellow soldier, someone that will be, or is, in the trenches with you fighting in the name of justice. How powerful is that?"-- Sara P., a participant at Camp Courage

How powerful is Camp Courage?

"Magical and life-changing," according to one participant who came to Camp Courage Los Angeles in January. She joined over 200 other marriage equality activists to learn the community organizing skills that will be fundamental to repealing Proposition 8.

Astonishingly powerful, according to the quantitative evaluations of Camp Courage events in Los Angeles, Fresno, San Diego and Oakland. Participants of these four transformative training events rated them a combined 9.26 (on a scale of 1 to 10) -- the highest of any event the Courage Campaign has ever produced.

"I've been through many training sessions throughout my professional career. Don't see these "10's" as being skewed positively. Each and every "10" is my honest assessment of how amazing this training was compared to those throughout my life. Excellent! -- Christopher S.

And now, Camp Courage is coming to Sacramento on July 11-12.

Modeled on the "Camp Obama" training events that helped propel President Obama into the White House, Camp Courage uses the "Story of Self" to transform personal experiences -- each participant's unique inspiration for supporting marriage equality -- into compelling and authentic narratives that can persuade undecided voters.

We want you to come to Sacramento on July 11-12 for Camp Courage Sacramento. But first, we need you to sign up. Space is limited, so please click here to watch video highlights of the first Camp Courage and then RSVP before the event is full:


Several amazing organizations will be represented at Camp Courage Sacramento, supporting the event or sending staff to participate or present:

* Black Lesbians United
* California Faith for Equality
* California Young Democrats
* Equal Roots
* Equality Action Now
* Equality California
* Erase the H8
* Honor PAC
* Jordan-Rustin Coalition
* Latino Equality Alliance
* Love Honor Cherish
* Marriage Equality USA
* National Union of Healthcare Workers
* Roots of Equality
* Sacramento for Democracy
* Sacramento's Capital Crossroads Gay Rodeo Association
* Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center
* Sacramento NOW
* Sacramento Region LGBTQI Leadership Coalition
* Stonewall Democratic Club
* Stonewall Young Dems (Los Angeles)
* Unite the Fight
* Vote for Equality
* White Knot
* and various alumni/ae of Obama for America

Will you be there? Spots are filling up fast for Camp Courage Sacramento on July 11-12. Click here to watch video highlights of the first Camp Courage and then sign up ASAP:


On behalf of everyone at the Courage Campaign, we are honored to serve the people and organizations fueling the marriage equality movement to repeal Prop 8 and make our state more progressive.
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